Preview link for approval process (EN)

Preview editions can be retrieved using HTML5 links.

The process is as follows:

  1. After creating the ePaper, click on EXPORT ISSUE that appears  on mouseover on the relevant issue cover.
  2. On Mouseover on the HTML5-Kachel click on the Button VIEW.
  3. Now a new browser tab opens with the HTML5 ePaper of your output.
  4. Copy the URL of the HTML5 magazine (from the new tab, see point 3).
  5. With this URL, the ePaper can now be checked, for example, for approval (please note: in order to review the complete HTML5 ePaper, the viewer must be logged in the Smarticle (

The previous showroom process has been updated:

  1. You now create your new ePaper editions directly in the correct title group (a test group is no longer necessary).
  2. Under ISSUE SETTINGS, set the release date to the future.
  3. Set the ISSUE PROGRESS to “done” (green).

Now the output in the showroom will be added to the respective group for verification purposes.

Please note: New issues are created and edited in the rightGroup – the viewer must be logged in the app, in the showroom of the respective group in order to test the issue.

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