Automatic HTML5 Web Export (EN)

How to set up the automatic HTML5 web export

  1. Open the corresponding magazine in the group.
  2. Roll over the cover, select Export Issue.
  3. On the »HTML5 FTP export« click the setup button (Fig. 1).
  4. Use your settings for FTP or SFTP (Fig. 2)
  5. Test the connection via the button Test Connection and save the settings after a successful test.

The HTML5 Web Export file will now automatically be downloaded to your FTP / SFTP server.Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Tips for use 
HTML5 web exports can be integrated into your website, ie online, on the intranet (web server-based) or locally (web server-based). Locally saved files cannot be opened in the browser.There are multiple options on monetizing the HTML5 web exports, such as offering your magazines behind a paywall, using the Smarticle token interface (contact your Smarticle account manager) or using the HTML5 PAK.

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